tightrope walkerBeing out of balance can be great!

Like me, you’ll have read plenty of magazine articles and Instagram posts about the importance of keeping things as balanced as possible.
They implore us to notice where our life’s in balance – but mainly where it’s not – then commit to making some changes to put things right.
It’s a whole lot like making New Year resolutions, they say.
So I tell myself blindly that I’ll eat healthy food, get more exercise, paint my nails – you know the things, you say them too.

Bet your boots that nothing changes. 🙂
Because the real cause is most likely something emotional, whose roots are buried deep in childhood events that I don’t even remember any more.

Whenever I crave ice cream and chips over salad and veges, it’s time to wonder what I’m really craving emotionally.
It’s a huge question to face up to, and with huge rewards if I see it through.

Your turn now.
Let’s see – maybe you have a boss who’s so demanding that you never leave work on time?
Your question is – what do you stand to gain by letting yourself be treated like that?

Thing is, being out of balance shows up things that may be just too scary to face right now….
….because if we do the face-it thing, we might lose life as we know it.
Or  – The Biggie – we might just get a much better life!

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(Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay)