Connect, Clear + Receive

Mindset Mastery + Energy Essentials to Create the Life you Desire

For every woman who is finally ready to transform her life and her future,

there’s “Connect, Clear + Receive”.



Connect, Clear + Receive

complements and supplements traditional advice and mentoring,

so that rather than chasing, hustling and competing,

you learn to connect with your own inner wisdom,

clear energetic blocks

and allow and graciously receive

the abundance – in any form – that you’re seeking.


Over the 8 weeks of the program, Connect, Clear + Receive delivers you:

– crystal-clear clarity of your goals;
– an infallible energetic connection to your goals, that’s always available whenever you need it;
– ways to uncover your limiting money beliefs – and how to overcome them;
– easy techniques to allow and receive what your heart and soul are truly longing for;
– ways to overcome the negative consequences of success (because you know they exist!);
– a way to match your own energetic level to your goals;
– an easy abundance meditation;
– increased self-acceptance, self-respect and self-esteem;
– the certainty that comes from listening to your intuition;
– a higher money vibration so you can attract more;
– progress towards living your Perfect Day, every day;
– and activated personal power via conscious movement.

Connect, Clear + Receive also includes Voice Mail support Mon – Fri, 8am – 8pm, and most Saturday mornings.
This is not a group mentoring programme – it’s just you and I.

Connect, Clear and Receive is delivered using free Zoom webinar software.
You’ll need the Zoom app on your phone, or the free Zoom software installed on your laptop.
Sessions are recorded so there’s always a replay available for you.

Connect, Clear and Receive is always open for new enrolments, so you can begin whenever you are ready.

Your Investment:

NZ$899 in one payment,

or 4 equal payments of NZ$232.75

If you’re already sure that you’re ready to start Connect, Clear and Receive – or even if you have questions and you’re not sure – simply book an initial 30-minute chat with me, using the button below.
We’ll get to know each other a little better, you’ll get the answers to your questions and we can discuss a start date and payment options.

Weekly Content

As well as the content listed below, each week’s call allows some time for coaching specific to your needs.

Week 1 – Your Money Beliefs

Uncover and eliminate your Money Beliefs & Money Stories that are keeping you stuck

Week 2 – Your Goals

Know what you want, and why
Techniques to align your energy to your goals

Week 3 – Connecting in Meditation with Your Goals and Intentions

Master this, and you’ll always know where your next step will lead

Week 4  –  Negative Consequences of Success

Fear of negative consequences holds you back.  Let’s sort it out.

Week 5 – Your Intuition

Using your intuition to help you get where you want to be.

Week 6 – The One Thing

Learn and use the one technique that made all the difference in my life and business,
and can do the same for you, too.

Week 7 – Watch your Language

Aligning your actions with your words

Week 8 – Finale

Final Q + A
Meditation to meet your future self who has ‘made it’


Plus Self-Directed Content

  • decluttering
  • prosperity meditation
  • raising your money vibration

Connect, Clear and Receive is open now for new enrolments, with the next round scheduled to begin whenever you are ready.

Your Investment:

NZ$899 in one payment,

or 4 equal payments of NZ$232.75.

Already sure that Connect, Clear + Receive is right for you?
Or perhaps you aren’t sure and have some questions?
Simply book an initial 30-minute chat with me, using the button below.
We’ll get to know each other a little, you’ll get the answers to your questions, and we can confirm a start date and discuss your payment options.