feeling guiltyOver the last little while, I’ve noticed an increasing number of people saying how guilty they feel having a job, income or business when so many others have lost theirs.

Don’t let that stop you.

Don’t let that stop you from earning your income, growing your business – or spending.

See through that insidious story we’ve grown up with
(that says that people who ‘have money’ got it by cheating or by illegal means, and are nasty or unethical),
and embrace the fact that every time you or I spend something,
even if it’s on groceries,
we are helping to keep someone in a job.
Helping to keep someone’s business afloat.
Helping keep that Covid-19 wolf away from someone’s door.

There’s no need for guilt.
Instead, we can grow our income or our businesses to receive more, so that we’re in a better position to help those who aren’t quite as lucky right now.

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Image by Martin Winkler on Pixabay