Get Clarity

Get Clarity is a 2-session package conducted via Zoom, over a maximum period of 3 weeks.
Get Clarity enables you to identify and clear deep or unrecognised chakra issues so you can align your energy to your goals or intentions, and make progress faster.
Intuition, visualisation, journaling, movement, EFT and energy techniques may be used throughout each session.

‘Get Clarity’ works when you just can’t make the headway you want, despite all your best efforts.

As you work through the painless yet insightful process, you discover –

∗ the most significant block that’s holding you back from being successful and getting what you really want

∗ where that block came from and how to radically reduce, or remove, its impact

∗ learning where that block sits in your body, how it feels and how to shift it

∗ that you actually can completely eliminate the effect of hidden or unrecognized anxieties, worries or fears around being successful, and

∗ several effective self-help techniques that you can use independently, whenever you need to, that open your energy field to exciting new possibilities.

* Your Get Clarity 2-session package is $185.80 NZD; you can pay by credit card (Pay Pal) or direct credit before your first session.

Session 1; usually up to 75 minutes
Start your transformation here.
Most of the clarity happens in this session, as we take an intuitive dive into some deep chakra issues and pull them out into the light of day.
At the end of the session, you’ll have a clear knowledge of your #1 block, and 3 easy but powerful practices that you can start using immediately, that significantly reduce its impact.
Yes, there’s homework.  😊   But it’s easy.  And because you’re an adult, I don’t collect it or mark it.
Email follow-up includes a brief summary of your session.

Session 2; usually up to 45 minutes
2 weeks after Session 1.
An opportunity to ask more questions, refine the techniques you learnt in Session 1, and clarify your direction.

After Session 2 and if you feel that you’d like them, on-going 60-minute Monthly Maintenance sessions are available, at $70 per session.
These are completely optional, and can be booked at any time.

* To see if Get Clarity is right for you, please book an initial 15-minute free chat.
It’s nothing formal, so bring your coffee along with your questions.

* Your Get Clarity package is $185:80 NZD; you can pay by credit card (Pay Pal) or direct credit after your Discovery Call but before your first session.

“My Get Clarity session with Andrea was amazing. We identified an issue related to my Base chakra that was preventing progress in my business.
Andrea taught me a technique to get over that, and I can use it again and again for lots of different things.
Sometimes a little help from an experienced and skilled guide is all we need to start cleaning, aligning and activating our energy centres – and Andrea provided that help for me.”

C.W.; Auckland, New Zealand