Get Clarity


‘Get Clarity’ is probably right for you if you want clarity around –

∗ the most significant block that’s holding you back from being successful and getting what you really want

∗ where it came from and how to radically reduce, or remove, its impact

∗ learning where that block sits in your body, how it feels and how to shift it

∗ completely eliminating the effect of hidden or unrecognized anxieties, worries or fears around being successful, and

∗ a variety of effective self-help techniques that you can use independently, whenever you need to, that open your energy field to exciting new possibilities.

‘Get Clarity’ is a series of 3 sessions conducted via Zoom, or in person.

Session 1; up to 90 minutes

Session 2; up to 40 minutes
2 weeks after Session 1.

Session 3; up to 40 minutes
2 weeks after Session 2.

Get Clarity allows you to identify and clear blocks so you can align your energy to your goals or intentions and make progress faster.
Important outcomes of each session include answering your questions, refining your techniques, and clarifying your direction.
We use such things as intuition, visualisation, journaling, movement, EFT and energy techniques in each session.

* To see if Get Clarity is right for you, please book an initial 20-minute Discovery Call.
When you schedule your first Get Clarity session within 3 weeks of the Discovery Call, your $20 is deducted from the full price.
Sessions 2 and 3 are booked once Session 1 is completed.

* Your Get Clarity package is $297 NZD; you can pay by credit card (Pay Pal) or direct credit before your first session.
Please read the Ts & Cs, and the Disclaimer, here.

Schedule your 20-minute Discovery Call now.
Note that there is a short questionnaire (3 questions) to complete, and that this is a paid service.

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