morning ritualsMorning rituals set up your day.
Perhaps you resent the time it takes, though.

Try this each morning, instead.
You’ll feel more calm, and it helps you to focus.
It grounds you, centres you, leaves you feeling good physically, and makes you smile.


Simply invite the elements into your morning rituals.


It’s easy.  Stay seated, or stand, it’s up to you.

I start at the North, with Earth, then move through the South (Water), the West (Air) and the East (Fire).
Invite the appropriate element into your day at each compass point.
The element of Earth, helps you to stand on your own two feet, and enables you to use form and structure to manifest the life you want.
Water, helps you to run clear, clean emotional currents, so you can stay in the moment, and not be worried by guilt from the past, nor worry about the future.
The element of Air, helps you to be focused and clear, and set aligned intentions, while the element of Fire, helps you to be motivated and take action.

The fifth and final point is in the centre, and this is where you invite in any deities, goddesses, etc, that you like to work with.

Finally, holding the intention that everyone you invited has accepted, you dance – for as long as you like.
The dance activates all of these energies within your Being.


Perhaps the thought of dancing, scares you.


If the thought of dance scares you, just call it movement.  That’s what you’re doing – moving your body in whatever way you like, to the music.
Any music will do for your morning rituals.
I like “The Circle is Cast” by Robert Gass, as well as something a bit more ethereal like this one.

Morning rituals that can be extended as time allows, are always popular.
There is no right or perfect way, but this one can easily be adapted to suit your day and your circumstances.

Image by H. Newberry from Pixabay