new moon alignment


New Moon Activation

Co-Creating with the Ancient Cycles of Earth and Stars

About the New Moon

The New Moon marks the start of a brand new cycle of co-creation, when we can align ourselves and activate our intentions, to its incoming energies.

The New Moon is (usually) in a different sign of the zodiac each time, meaning that the energies also change each time, giving us the opportunity to approach our goals from a different angle with each New Moon.

The flavour of these energies will be one of Fire (taking action), Earth (taking responsibility), Air (being clear on our intentions), or Water (clearing emotions).


What Should I Expect in the Activations?

Each Activation runs for up to 60 minutes, and leads you through a process of

• sowing the seeds of several intentions;

• committing to taking some action to help those intentions grow and thrive;

• and powering them up by activating all five Elements within your Being.

You leave knowing what to do next, what to look for and how to successfully navigate the rest of the lunar cycle until the next New Moon.

You’ll want pen and paper, tarot or oracle cards, and something like a crystal, candle, flower, etc, for your virtual altar or centrepiece.


How to Access your New Moon Activations

You are always welcome to join me on Zoom when I record the Activations. 

Once I have created the Activation, I email you the link so you can watch the recording.

Each New Moon Activation is available to you on the day of the New Moon and for 3 days following.

Beyond those 3 days, the next phase of the Moon has usually begun, and your window of opportunity has closed.

Book a short chat here if you have questions (it’s free), or email me.

Start your co-creating journey with one New Moon Activation for just $15 NZ  (one Activation),


for 3 consecutive Activations, it’s $30 NZ, making it just $10 each.

Please be aware that there are no refunds available if circumstances prevent you from watching any recorded Activation.