new moon alignment


New Moon Alchemy

Dreaming, Intending + Co-Creating with the Moon

About the New Moon

The New Moon marks the start of a brand new cycle of co-creation, when we can align ourselves and activate our intentions, with its incoming energies.

It’s a time to dream of the possibilities and what-ifs, sow the seeds of our tentative intentions and watch to see what ones sprout and flourish.

The New Moon is (usually) in a different sign of the zodiac each time, meaning that the energies also change each time, giving us the opportunity to change our focus slightly with each New Moon.

What Should I Expect?

• a workbook/journal in PDF format, emailed to you prior to each New Moon

• to clear your energy field and attune more closely to the Moon’s energy with a 30ml Alchemy spray that contains Flower Essences appropriate to each New Moon
It is always personalised with the Flower Essence that relates to your date of birth.
Use the Alchemy spray in your aura, the bath, your office, car, work space, bedroom, etc.

• to relax into all the possibilities of the new lunar phase, with an essential oil, or a blend of oils, whose energy signature matches that of the New Moon.
I really like essential oils because of their fragrance, and Flower Essences don’t have that.
But Flower Essences work so much faster than essential oils, so you get the best of both worlds with a bottle of each.

You’ll receive your spray in time for each New Moon, along with your Essential Oil or blend.

• and of course, the New Moon Alchemy session on video.
Each Alchemy session runs for up to 45 minutes, and leads you through a process of

sowing the seeds of several intentions;

committing to taking some action to help those intentions grow and thrive;

and powering them up by activating all five Elements within your Being.

You leave knowing what to do next, what to look for and how to successfully navigate the rest of the lunar cycle until the next New Moon.

You’ll want pen and paper, tarot or oracle cards, and something like a crystal, candle, flower, etc, for your virtual altar or centrepiece.



How to Access your New Moon Alchemy

Prior to each New Moon, I record the Alchemy session, create your PDF workbook/journal and your Alchemy spray, and choose your essential oil(s) to match the Moon sign.

Your Alchemy spray and essential oil are couriered to you (to a New Zealand street address; sorry no RDs or PO Boxes) in time for each New Moon

I email you the PDF file along with the link to the video.

You’re encouraged to watch the video as early as possible within the New Moon phase.
Once it’s about 4 days after the New Moon, the next phase (of the Moon) has usually begun, and your best window of opportunity for dreaming, intending and co-creating, has closed.

Book a short chat here if you have questions (it’s free), or email me.

Start your co-creating journey with one New Moon Alchemy for $39.95 NZ,


for 3 consecutive Alchemy sessions, it’s $101.85NZ.

Please be aware that there are no refunds available if circumstances prevent you from watching any recorded Activation.
New Moon Alchemy sprays and Essential Oils are only available within New Zealand.