Andrea Pickford


New Moon Circle

Every New Moon marks the start of a whole new cycle of progress

towards our dreams, goals and wishes.

• Held on or close to the New Moon, at each New Moon Circle we get to sow the seeds of several intentions; we commit to taking some action to help those intentions grow and thrive; and power-them-up by activating all five Elements within our Being.

• We leave knowing what to do next, what to look for and how to successfully navigate the rest of the lunar cycle until the next New Moon.

• We get to share, discuss, support and encourage each other, too – and it’s nothing less than magic.  Please bring pen and paper, tarot or oracle cards, and something like a crystal, candle, flower, etc, for our virtual altar or centrepiece.

• New Moon Circles are held on-line using Zoom’s free software, and a replay of the Circle is available to you for a few days following each New Moon.  When circumstances allow, our Circle meets in person in a local park or at the beach.

• Here are the Circle dates for the next few months; these dates won’t always fall on the New Moon.

October 16 @ 1 pm (for Oct 17)

November 13 @ 1 pm (for Nov 15)

December 15 @ 1 pm

2021 – January 13 @ 1 pm

2021 – February 12 @ 1 pm

2021 – March 12 (for March 13) @ 1 pm

Book a short chat here if you have questions (it’s free), or email me.

You, too, can enjoy New Moon Circle magic for just $15 NZ when you join us for one month (one Circle),


for 3 Circles, it’s $30 NZ, making it just $10 each.

(Please allow 1 full working day between your payment and the New Moon Circle.)