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The services and information are intended for personal interest, education and personal development; no particular results are claimed or guaranteed because individuals’ circumstances, beliefs and use or application of the material offered, vary.

Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Andrea Pickford website and all services provided by Andrea Pickford.


1. Acceptance

Please note, by continuing to browse our site you’re agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions as outlined below.

Alternatively, if you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions, it’s important you do not use the site.

If you don’t understand, or are unclear on any aspect of the following, please contact us for clarification before continuing.

To aid understanding, the terms “I”,  “us” or “we” refer to Andrea Pickford, the owner of the website. “You” refers to the user or viewer of the website.


2. Governing Law

The provision of goods and services by us are governed by, and to be interpreted in accordance with, the laws in force in New Zealand.

In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms of use or their subject matter, you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand over such dispute.


3. Payment for Services

Unless otherwise indicated, payment is required at the time of booking or purchase.


4. Refunds and Cancellations

These terms and conditions supplement our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


• Cancellations of Any Service or Session

Where a service or session is cancelled by the client with more than 24 hours notice, and the appointment is not rescheduled, a refund is due, equal to the amount paid for the service or session.

Where less than 24 hours notice is given of cancellation and the appointment is not rescheduled, a charge will be incurred of 50% of the full price for the session or service.

Where the client does not arrive for his or her session, with no notification, there is no refund unless in exceptional circumstances, and then at our discretion.

Where part or all of the product or service is delivered as an online Meeting via Zoom or another similar service, and a minimum of 15 minutes has elapsed since the start of the appointment and the client has not joined me in the online Meeting, the appointment is deemed to have been cancelled with no notification by the client, and there is no refund.  In such circumstances, these appointments are also deemed to be completed; should the client wish to rebook, another payment will be required.

There is no refund if no payment has been made for the service or session.


• Postponement of Any Service or Session

Requests for postponement of appointments for any service or session must be made via email to admin@andreapickford.com at least 4 hours before the start of the scheduled session.  Where possible, the session will be rescheduled at no extra cost to the client.

Where a scheduled session is postponed for a second time, there may be limited availability of suitable appointments.

Once any session has been rescheduled twice, no further rescheduling will occur and the session will be deemed to be completed.

There is no written report (if such a report was part of the original service or session) for any session deemed to be completed because of this rescheduling, nor is there any refund for said session.

In general, refunds are not offered for completed or delivered services unless in exceptional circumstances, and then at our discretion.


5. Refusal of service

We reserve the right to refuse service to any client.  If you have paid for a service, we will provide a refund according to our refund policy (see above).

We will not tolerate intoxication (whether alcohol or drugs), abusive behaviour towards ourselves, or any other antisocial or threatening behaviour.  If necessary, Police assistance will be sought.


6. Complaint Policy

All complaints are to be registered in writing via email to admin@andreapickford.com and are to be received within seven days of the completion of the service that the complaint refers to.

In the email, the complainant must include:

  • their contact details,
  • the reason for their complaint, and
  • the resolution sought.


7. Change in Pricing

Pricing may change at any time. The pricing on this website is considered the current pricing.


8. Interruption to website

We do not guarantee the continued availability of this website or the continuation of any services provided on it. Access to this website may be interrupted, restricted or delayed from time to time. We do not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to any loss suffered in these circumstances.


9. Unauthorised use

Unauthorised use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.


10. Changes to Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may alter at any time. These alterations may include, but are not limited to, additions, deletions or edits.

Privacy Policy and Information Gathering


Being based in New Zealand, I am subject to New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993.

However, with existing and potential clients in other countries including the EU, I am also subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective as from 25 May 2018.  This affects all businesses handling the personal information of EU residents wherever they are in the world.  In a nutshell, the GDPR is there to protect the personal information of EU citizens.

Therefore, I take your privacy seriously:

  • If you subscribe to my mailing list, then all I have is your first name and email address.  If you unsubscribe, your information is erased.
  • If you order readings or other services, I keep a copy for one month of any documents I provide to you, as well as any relevant emails or messages.  Once that month has passed, I delete the documents, emails and messages.
  • If you wish to make changes to the information I hold (e.g. update your name or email address), please email me.
  • If, at any point in time, you wish to see the information I hold on you, please email me.
  • If you wish your information to be erased, please email me.  You can also unsubscribe from any of my mailings by using the link in the footer, or by asking to be manually removed.
  • I do not share, sell or otherwise distribute client email addresses or other client information.
  • New clients may be invited to join our newsletter list.
  • This website uses Google Analytics to gather information on user traffic, statistics and trends. This information is shared with Google.