With Reflexology,

it feels like my two halves suddenly snap back together.

It’s wonderful – I feel whole again.


Feilding, New Zealand


There is so much to love about Reflexology – even if it is a very precise massage of your feet that involves stretching them, kneading them and applying pressure.

Most of you will fall asleep during your session – that’s how deeply you relax.
It’s perfect for anyone wanting help relaxing, or seeking stress relief, or just time out from your business.

Reflexology sessions are 60 minutes long and include very comprehensive coverage of the reflex points on your upper feet, ankles and soles.
$70 NZD  per session.

Plus –
if you’re ready for a little soul-searching….
by relating areas of pain or tension in your feet to their metaphysical counterparts, we can see how you’re responding to whatever life is sending your way.
If you want help with that, to integrate any learnings, overcome any resistance, or to promote the outcome you’re wanting, I can prepare you a 30ml Flower Essence personal spray bottle to use at home.
A 30ml Flower Essence personal spray bottle costs an extra $25.

There are several health conditions that Reflexology isn’t always suitable for (mainly to do with pregnancy, the heart and circulation), so if you’re keen to give Reflexology a try, please contact me first so we can talk about them.

Otherwise, if you are a returning client, or you are sure that there’s no reason for you to not have Reflexology, please use the button below to book your next session of relaxing Reflexology bliss!

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Beautifully Balanced

Melt into a Chakra Balance that uses beautifully fragrant essential oils.

I make you a blend of the oils we use in the Chakra Balance, then anoint your feet with this blend during your divine Reflexology treatment that follows.

You’ll just about float out the door!

Price includes your 10ml oil blend to take home.

Beautifully Balanced sessions are 75 minutes long.
$99 NZD per session.

I Need ‘Beautifully Balanced’ Now!