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The Moon

Learn to use the Moon’s energy and phases to create a rhythm for your own creative and goal-setting processes.

New Moon Nests


The New Moon Nest is an informal get-together on the Saturday afternoon closest to each New Moon, so we can
• set intentions for the coming lunar month
• journal and plan inspired action
• use oracle cards and draw sustenance and guidance from our intuition
• support, and be supported by, other women.


Of course, we also
• connect
• laugh
• share
• and create, as we always end with a foray onto the beach to create something personal and meaningful from the shells, driftwood, etc.

Venue: a Foxton Beach cafe, confirmed a few days beforehand
Investment: $10 per Nest.  Plus you are kindly asked to support the cafe with a purchase of something to eat or drink.

For details of the next New Moon Nest, please contact me.

Because of prior commitments and public holidays, Nests have been put on hold until the New Year.

In 2020:

January 25
February 22
March 21
April 25
with more to come

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A Month with the Moon


“A Month with the Moon” is a month-long programme where I support you and others in a group setting, as you learn how to use the Moon’s energy and phases to create a rhythm for your own creative and goal-setting processes.

By the end of “A Month with the Moon” you’ll be able to

• identify how your own energy feels as the Moon changes

• feel excited by and about life once more

• work an easy routine that you can identify with

• make great use of your reconnection with the natural world

• live confidently in a way that feels authentic, and is predictable

• put your feelings of creativity, rest, action and reflection into a framework for living

• connect to something that’s bigger than you, but that’s not a religion

• appreciate that your energy levels aren’t always constant, and be able to work with that rather than against it

The content includes using your intuition, oracle cards, meditations, visualisations, energy clearings, Live video, dance and movement, Flower Essence recommendations, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water….and more.

You experience –

• 5 webinars, one at each of New, First Quarter, Full and Last Quarter moons, and one at the end to send you on with confidence.  .

• Rituals and reflections that you can use again and again in future lunar cycles, in the form of audios/videos and PDFs

• Membership of an exclusive Facebook group solely for A Month with the Moon

• At least 4 Live videos in the FB group – 1 at each of the intermediate phases, and at other times when inspiration strikes

• Daily Flower Essence recommendations for each phase, from the range of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

• Meditations, oracle cards and the opportunity to work with the elements

• A growing confidence in yourself, and your creative and manifestation abilities


Our next Month with the Moon begins on Sunday February 23, 2020, and your investment is $199 NZ.

Contact me here with your email address if you’d like to pay by Direct Credit from your NZ bank account.

Or pay now via Pay Pal using the button below.