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New Moon Alchemy

On, or very close to, every New Moon
Co-create with the cycles of stars and sky to progress
your dreams and goals

Buy singly $39.95 NZ (one Alchemy session)

or in lots of 3: $101.85 NZ for 3 Alchemy sessions

Get Clarity

When you’ve been going it alone but just can’t make the headway you want, you need clarity.
Get Clarity enables you to identify and clear chakra issues so you can align your energy to your goals or intentions, and make progress faster.
This is a  2-session package conducted via Zoom, over a maximum period of 3 weeks.

$185.80 NZ

Aquamarine & Amethyst Subscriptions

Both Aquamarine and Amethyst subscriptions deliver you an article written by me, directly to your Inbox every second Monday.
Each article discusses something about aligning the way you show up in the world, with what you want the world to deliver up to you.
Very cool!

The Amethyst subscription also includes a one-hour light-hearted group session on the Full Moon that includes a group healing,
the chance to ask questions about the fortnightly emails,
card pulls,
and hints on how to read your cards.

$37 – $45 NZ per month

You’re always welcome to book a free Zoom call with me,
to see what service is most likely to suit you best.
Allow 15 minutes, although we don’t usually take that long.
Bring your coffee, and let’s get chatting.