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Connect, Clear + Receive

For every woman who’s ready to dust off her forgotten dreams, take back control of her life and transform her future, there’s my 8-week “Connect, Clear + Receive” programme.

$899 NZ

Get Clarity

When you’ve been going it alone but just can’t make the headway you want, you need clarity.
Get Clarity enables you to identify and clear chakra issues so you can align your energy to your goals or intentions, and make progress faster.
This is a  2-session package conducted via Zoom, over a maximum period of 3 weeks.

$185.80 NZ

New Moon Activations

On, or very close to, every New Moon
Co-create with the cycles of stars and sky to progress
your dreams and goals

Buy singly $15 NZ (one Activation)

or in lots of 3: $30 NZ for 3

Summertime Specials

Grab your friends and let me run a workshop for you all in the comfort of your own home
Hostess/organiser attends for free
See the Summertime Specials page for choices
Price valid for events booked for dates prior to January 31st, 2021

$30 or $75 NZ

Short + Sweet

A variety of 30-minute sessions
An easy way to try out my work before you commit to a larger programme or course
Also fab for current or previous clients, wanting a refresher
All via Zoom – for now, anyway

$40 NZ

You’re always welcome to book a free Zoom call with me,
to see what service is most likely to suit you best.
Allow 30 minutes, although we don’t usually take that long.
Bring your coffee, and let’s get chatting.