Hi, I’m Andrea.

When you’re ready to foster your creativity and intuition, join in one of my experiental journeys of transformation for your body, mind and soul.


  You’d love to be liberated from inherited patterns, behaviours and beliefs that you’ve accepted without question;


★  and you wish you were a whole lot more intuitive –  but you’re not sure what that even looks like!


  you wonder about Moon circles, and you’ve heard about energy and frequency …


and you’re itching to journey beyond what’s always felt safe and predictable.


What People Are Saying

“I just received an amazing Akashic Records reading from Andrea Pickford.
Andrea’s readings are like a flowing river.  Perfectly aligned with the Akashic information and guides.  Every word spoken resonated and I could feel the TRUTH in what she was channeling.  The way she speaks comes across like art.  Graceful, smooth and from the heart! 
Wow!!!! ????
???????? THANK you !!!!!!”

Nikki Ball; Canada

Sandra witnessed a shooting in her street, and asked Andrea for an energy healing.
After the healing, she wrote..

“I’m actually hungry again.
My shoulders aren’t hurting anymore.
And wow…I’m yawning my head off….I’ve relaxed….my head has relaxed..
Thank you so much…I am forever grateful.
That was amazing…”
Sandra; New Zealand