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What People Are Saying….

“My Get Clarity session with Andrea was amazing. We identified an issue related to my Base chakra that was preventing progress in my business. I now know exactly what caused it – and it wasn’t what I thought! Andrea taught me a technique to get over that, and I can use it again and again for lots of different things. Sometimes we think we can solve our problems ourselves but a little help from an experienced and skilled guide is all we need to start cleaning, aligning and activating our energy centres – and Andrea provided that help for me.”

C.W.; Auckland, New Zealand

“With Reflexology, it feels like my two halves suddenly snap back together.  It’s wonderful – I feel whole again.”

Katherine R; Feilding, New Zealand

“I have always loved your readings! And since receiving your moon emails this year and doing the things I could manage and a mix of readings and other bits from your page I’m actually starting to make progress with myself and figure things out 💖 feels a bit like synchronization. So thank you.”

S.G.; Palmerston North, New Zealand

“I love your gentle and uplifting support. Your emails and posts always seem to hit the mark, thank you for being you.”

Mhairi; Christchurch, New Zealand