I help women owners of small businesses, to manage their energy and master their mindset so they can start to call in the abundance that their hearts and souls (and businesses!) are crying out for.

I know it works because I’ve done it in my business (and life!) and I was startled by the opportunities that showed up, and how fast they arrived!

An unexpected but welcome result is that life fronts up with
more Allowing – less Hustle;
more Receiving – less Restriction;
more Connection – less Competition;
more Intuition – less Intellect and Logic;
more Flow – less Stagnation;
more Joy – less Obligation;
and more Ease – less Stress

The good news is that it’s all there for our taking.
Simply (and yes, it IS simple!) master even a little of your energy and its glorious potential, and the opportunities will appear for transforming and creating the life you want.

My home and on-line-working-space is in Feilding in New Zealand’s Manawatu, with a fine view of the Ruahine Ranges by day and huge starry skies by night.

When I’m not with clients, I enjoy the beach, travel, time with friends and family, watching cricket, walking for fitness, and reading in the summer sun or beside a winter fire.

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