Don’t you just want to leap out of bed every morning, really looking forward to the day ahead?

Once you start valuing and fostering your intuition and your creativity, you’ll find yourself

looking at life differently

questioning and eliminating out-dated thoughts and stories

taking charge of your life

saying goodbye to drama, disappointment, and disillusion, and

actively living with gratitude and purpose.

Why Choose Me?


My first job, was school teaching.
I loved it for years, but finally I had to choose – my soul and my sanity, or the job?

I chose myself (soul + sanity included)

– and as often happens when you put your own needs first, it didn’t go down well!

I took a job as a receptionist in a local dental practice.
It was fast, pressured and full of clients brought there mainly by pain or fear.
But like teaching, there were plenty of opportunities to practice empathy and compassion, and to learn to really listen.

With no schoolwork now to fill my weekends, I dug deeper into my interests in alternative and complementary health.
Ultimately, I trained to professional level in Reflexology.
I left the dental job to go into business for myself.

I noticed that many women felt trapped by circumstances and were anxious, unsure and indecisive about their way forward – and their feet showed that.
When arthritis limited my ability to do Reflexology easily, I combined my interests and professional trainings to help women ready for change, on their journeys of self-discovery and transformation.
And here I am.


Andrea on the CaminoIn ‘other news’, I have officiated at a funeral, and I have presented at a worldwide Women’s Empowerment Summit.

I have my Compostela – the document awarded by Church authorities in Spain – for walking the Camino de Santiago.
The walking bit was easy.
But my bag never arrived in Spain, and I quickly learned to make do with little more than I stood up in!
This is me, on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela near the end of the Camino.

My home and on-line-working-space is in Feilding in New Zealand’s Manawatu, with a fine view of the Ruahine Ranges by day and huge starry skies by night.

Things I Love to Love

When I was still teaching, maths was my favourite subject.
To see the look on a child’s face who has just ‘got it’ is pure magic.
I miss that.

See Maths, above.
In fact, seeing that look on anyone’s face is magic.

Instant coffee
Barista-made is great, but instant does it for me every time.

A good gutsy New Zealand one, with colour and aroma to die for.

Sunshine, cricket and beaches.
Obviously a Kiwi!

And reading
In the sun, or by the fire.
A really good thick paper book – thick enough to prop up the coffee table, not just decorate it.
None of this screen reading nonsense for me, thanks..
Historical fiction, and some fantasy series, are my favourite genres.
Diana Gabaldon, Robin Hobb, Philippa Gregory, James A Michener, Freddy Silva ….. and lots more.

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