I help women who feel that they’re loitering at some crossroads of life – wanting change but not knowing what, or where to find it – to master their energy so they can start creating opportunites that deliver them more of what they want.

A few years ago, I’d started to move off from a similar crossroads myself, but was uncertain of how to travel, and struggled to find joy in any direction.
Quite by accident I stumbled over two techniques that when combined, brought a profound difference to my life.
You probably already know the story – how clients started booking in, how job opportunities were brought to my attention, and how it all culminated in a stranger knocking at my door and asking to buy my home and the land it stands on.

I’ve added in things like Intention, aligning my energy to the phase of the Moon, advanced Chakra work and Energy Healings, and realised how easy it can be to manifest what we want, if we’re open to
more Allowing – less Hustle;
more Receiving – less Restriction;
more Connection – less Competition;
more Intuition – less Intellect and Logic;
more Flow – less Stagnation;
more Joy – less Obligation;
and more Ease – and less Stress.

The good news is that it’s all there for our taking.
Simply (and yes, it IS simple!) master just a fraction of your energy and its glorious potential, and the opportunities will appear for transforming and creating the life you want.

This is Energy Alchemy in action – taking the energies of Receiving, of Allowing, of your personal Astrology, the creative power of Intuition, of your Energy Body, getting out of your own way, and my favourite – working and living in sync with the Moon – and weaving them into the fabric of every programme and session that I offer for my clients.


My home and on-line-working-space is in Feilding in New Zealand’s Manawatu, with a fine view of the Ruahine Ranges by day and huge starry skies by night.

When I’m not with clients, I enjoy the beach, travel, time with friends and family, watching cricket, walking for fitness, and reading in the summer sun or beside a winter fire.

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