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Stargazers' Guide to Moon Magic

$20NZ / Month

Yes, honest-to-goodness proper paper mail in your letterbox in time for each New Moon.
$20 NZ each month for New Zealand residents only; $20 NZ each month for all other countries.

Introducing Stargazers’ Guide to Moon Magic

Unlock the hidden potential of each lunar cycle with Stargazers’ Guide, your exclusive gateway to harnessing the transformative power of the New Moon.

What is Stargazers’ Guide to Moon Magic?

The Stargazers’ Guide to Moon Magic is your passport to a celestial journey, posted on the Full Moon so it’s there in your letterbox on or near the New Moon each month. Crafted with precision and infused with cosmic energy, this ‘bundle of lunar joy’ is designed to align your intentions with the mystical power of the lunar cycle.

What’s Inside?
★ New Moon Image: a photo print of my latest image, attuned to the energy of the New Moon.  This is a stunning, specially crafted image designed to ignite your lunar journey.

★ Zodiac Insights: unveil the secrets of the zodiac sign the New Moon graces, understanding its influence on your intentions and manifestations.

★ Intention Planning Sheet: empower yourself to set clear, focused intentions for the month ahead with my expertly curated planning sheet.

★ Rituals: rituals and habits to help you identify what intentions to follow, and which to leave for now

★ Manifestation Technique: instructions for a different technque each New Moon, to enhance the effectiveness of your intentions.


Naturally align your frequency to that of the Moon.
Take this opportunity to connect with the moon’s energy, start to manifest your dreams, and feel your connection to the natural realms once again. Subscribe to Stargazers’ Guide now and begin your journey toward empowerment and personal growth with every New Moon.


Star School

$20NZ / Month

We meet monthly, on the New Moon

Personalised Notebooks

$70 NZ (p&p extra)

Your gorgeous, A5-sized, portrait-orientation notebook is created in sacred spiritual space.

I call in your guides to help me source and remember quotes, sayings and sacred messages to inspire you and guide you, and remind you of the reality of You.  These are scattered throughout your Notebook, along with –

a short Akashic Records reading,
your channeled Light Codes,
2 coloured ribbon bookmarks,
expandable envelopes 
quotes and sayings
appropriate extras as I feel moved to include them
and each is covered and embellished by hand.  You can choose one colour you don’t want, and one that you’d love to have included.

100 pages, acid-free 150gsm creamy paper.
Please allow up to 3 weeks Creation Time once your order is confirmed.

P&P Charges
No extra p&p for New Zealand orders
Australia – allow $20NZ extra
Other countries on request
Please enter your details and colour preferences HERE and I’ll be in touch.